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Who We Are

The team at Medic-Aid are among the most talented in the field of conflict, public health, and trauma medicine, humanitarian aid, and international human rights. 

They are further support by a technical team of WASH engineers, food security and nutrition advisers, teachers and all-ages educators, shelter and settlement consultants, supply-chain facilitators, security and protection staff, local guides/translators and drivers.

Between them they have a vast amount of experience of working in high-profile conflict areas, and areas of great humanitarian need, such as Rwanda, DRC, Somalia, Bosnia, Kenya, Moldova, Nigeria, Iraq, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, and Kosovo.

They are supported by a comprehensive and gifted Board of advisers and trustees, in both UK and Africa. 

Further, there is a team of dedicated local staff, volunteers and ambassadors across the UK, Middle East, and Africa. 

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