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New Life F ​or Orphans

Mityana, Uganda

Last year Medic-Aid Africa had the privilege to become international partners with New Life For Orphans Uganda; they are a non profit organization based in Uganda which was founded in 2014 with the sole purpose of helping the helpless, helping the poor, helping the needy and helping the orphan child..

Just like one little girl, who has a need for new metal crutches, a need so simple that most here would barely give it a moments thought. But she struggles every day for want of something so basic yet life altering.

Our ultimate goal is to build a full facility for these wonderful children; where they can live safety, continue to learn eagerly, receive treatment for all their needs, and fully know what being a loved and valued child truly is!

But first, we MUST address their immediate needs, food and medicine - basics to us, but things they don't have and desperately need.

We simply cannot turn our backs - so please help us to take care of as many of these children as we can!


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