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Mass MMR Vaccination needed!

Measles...we're not hearing about it every day at the moment, because COVID-19 has been so all-consuming. Whilst we're so thankful that clinics are set up here to facilitate testing and vaccinating, the 

children in Sub-Saharan Africa face a pandemic of Measles every single year.  

It costs just a couple of pounds/dollars to vaccinate a child in Africa for Measles, yet the child mortality from it remains devastatingly high. 

As you know with vaccines, it won't prevent a child getting Measles - BUT - crucially it WILL prevent them dying from it! 

A child with Measles is miserable and sad, but a child unnecessarily dying what is a slow and painful death from it, in 2021, is simple unforgiveable. 

We see measles epidemics every year in the countries we work in, because the vast population are not immunised against it, adults and children. Without the vaccine, it is an awful illness to get, and in Africa, measles IS a killer, every day, of every week.

Consider getting behind our campaign; we want one of Medic-Aid Africa's legacies to be that we vaccinate or facilitate the vaccination, of as many people as possible.

We want to break this cycle of yearly epidemics of this killer illness. The more vaccines we buy the cheaper they are ... kindly consider if you can spare, literally, a couple of pounds/dollars/euros to help save a life.

If you are able to purchase a vaccination, or more than one, please contact us at: INFO@MEDICAIDDRC.ORG

Thanks ♥


We could not achieve our aims and objectives without YOUR help. Please take a look at our current appeals and get in touch!

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