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About Us

Medic-Aid Africa was set up more than 12 years ago by a small team of trauma doctors, following what was due to be a one-off trip to DR Congo, to provide humanitarian aid in the growing crisis.

It rapidly - and devastatingly - became clear that just one visit would be nowhere near sufficient.

Therefore, Medic-Aid Africa was formed to provide the much-needed medical and humanitarian aid to the people, especially the children and orphans, of DRC, particularly in North Kivu province.

As time has gone on, MAA has spread it's activities into nearby countries with similar needs.  Including the rural community of Shanto, in Southern Ethiopia; Korah, Addis Ababa; Kibera, Nairobi; and most recently Mityana, Uganda.

The following months after inception saw a great deal of progress being made in providing a much-needed medical facility, water wells, education and community health projects.

We strive to provide emergency medical care, daily health care, and social assistance to those who need it most, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, or political affiliation.

We rely on private individuals for the majority of our funding. In the field, we conduct our own assessments, manage projects directly on the ground, and monitor the impact of our aid.

98% of funding raised goes direct to all our projects, with donors able to follow exactly how their donation is used following a specially designed 'tracking'  facility.

Our doctors personally run the medical programmes, and emergency-intervention projects, in the field, with support from local staff and volunteers.

We campaign locally and internationally for greater respect for humanitarian law and the rights of civilians to impartial humanitarian assistance.

We follow the Internationally-recognised SPHERE standard; a Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards for Humanitarian Response.

We firmly believe that EVERY child matters, and deserves a future.

We wholly endorse and adopt the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.

 In particular: 'Special protection measures covering the rights of refugee children, those affected by armed conflicts, children deprived of their liberty and children suffering economic, sexual or other forms of exploitation.'

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